Watercolor with Joyce Hicks June 22-25, 2017, 9:30am – 4:30 pm

$550 Members • $580 Non-members • Just a few spots left!

We are DELIGHTED that Joyce Hicks will be visiting us in June of 2017! Joyce Hicks is from Texas and teaches workshops all over the country. She is the author of Painting Beautiful Watercolors Landscapes and was featured in the April 2011 issue of Watercolor Artist.

In this workshop the emphasis is on techniques and strategies for transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones with watercolor; scenes that reach out and connect with viewers. She teaches simple, easy to learn methods that appeal to beginners as well as seasoned artists looking for renewed inspiration and insights into new ways of thinking. You learn from clear explanations about the reasoning behind artistic decisions and visually from step by step demonstrations. You learn to distill and process scenes from inspiration to finished work of art becoming more comfortable with the medium in the process. Once technical aspects of watercolor have been mastered you too will begin to paint from that sacred place that resides within each of us. Joyce brings her passion and love for teaching to inspire and motivate in a fun, fast-paced workshop.
Following are a few of the topics covered in the workshop…

  • atmospheric perspective in the landscape
  • simplifying and streamlining scenes
  • working toward personal style by developing a visual language
  • steps for building strong compositions
  • painting “relationships” instead of “things”
  • seven important design principles for creating exciting paintings
  • working with photographs, sketch books and color studies
  • planning strategies that will allow you to paint spontaneously and with confidence
  • daily lectures and demonstrations
  • lots of one-on-one instruction
  • Something for every level

Joyce Hicks HeadShotJoyce Hicks HeadShotJoyce Hicks’ artist statement: “I’ve always been able to see places and things in an idealistic way, but it wasn’t until I discovered painting that I was able to express and interpret this personal view. My art is not always a true rendition of what is actually there but how I wish it could be. If the old white homestead is a bit neglected, then I will just capture it in sunlight to discover its real beauty. If there is only one withered rose on the old trellis then why not one hundred in full bloom?

Frequent travel allows me to see and define what my heart is drawn to. Not in the grand or extraordinary but in simple unassuming beauty. Painting gives me the opportunity to unite visual images with a montage of personal memories stored over a life time. In an attempt to translate my feelings for a subject I use interesting brush strokes, strong contrasts, sunlight and shadow in colors both soft and bold. These elements combine in a personal way providing a visual invitation to tempt others into my world.

My purpose is to uplift the human spirit and my hope is that my paintings will inspire others to join me as I continue my artistic journey. I enjoy entering competitions, teaching workshops and presenting painting demonstrations. I’m a member of numerous societies including Signature Member Status in the American Watercolor Society and past President of the Central Texas Watercolor Society.

You may cancel 8 weeks before the workshop for a full refund.