The Silkscreen Monotype with Water-Based Media
May 19-20, 10 am – 3 pm

A Two Day Workshop

$150 Members/$180 Non-Members

Please register by May 11, to ensure that workshop will run.

Come discover this unique process that combines screen printing with drawing and painting techniques using water-based materials.  Non-toxic, versatile and simple to master. Draw or paint directly on the silkscreen to create unique prints and explore the layering possibilities for overprinting on drawings, prints and other media. 

Students will work from their own images using materials such as pastels, watercolor, gouache, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, graphite and other materials. Students will need to purchase a reusable silkscreen and a squeegee. No prior experience or skill necessary.

Materials list provided at registration.


Irises, silkscreen monoprint, Stephanie Navon-Jacobson

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About Stephanie Navon-Jacobson: 

As an artist, I am always observing the world around me. Whether floral, landscape, animal, or figure, abstract or realistic, my images always go back to nature. I am first and foremost a printmaker, although I work in other mediums, too. I am a printmaker who paints, rather than a painter who prints.

I was originally attracted to printmaking in college. I loved the studio community aspect as well as the various techniques. I like to experiment with various techniques. The possibilities seem endless. I also like the element of surprise each time you pull a print.

It is so satisfying to work with people who are new to printmaking or to teach experienced artists a new technique and watch their enthusiasm as they ‘get bit by the printmaking bug.’ Printmaking is such a versatile medium. It can stand alone or be incorporated with other mediums such as oil or watercolor. I encourage my students to add printmaking to their artistic arsenal and incorporate it with their other artistic endeavors.

Silkscreen Monotype May 2018