Saturday September 19 and Sunday, September 20, 2015


This workshop will focus on drama in still life. How to turn simple props – pots, fruit, flowers, baskets – into compelling dramas of light and shadow.  The focus will be on showcasing the significant and modifying or obscuring the less meaningful.

We will be exploring how to create effects with paint strokes, palette knife swipes and rag swoops.  How to, in other words, make the canvas not only a depiction of observed reality, but also a celebration of abstract paint beauty.

Still life is not only a worthy subject in its own right, but it can also provide vital learning skills for all other genres.  Landscape, portrait, interior and figure. Each of these is made easier by a deep familiarity with the art of the still life.

Materials list will be provided.

Though other mediums are welcome, the workshop will only be taught with, and demonstrated in, oils.

Gregg Kreutz is an award winning painter and author of the classic artist’s guide, Problem Solving for Oil Painters. After graduating from NYU, he pursued his training as a painter at the Art Students League of New York, winning a merit scholarship.  He studied with Frank Mason, Robert Beverly Hale and most significantly, David Leffel.  Gregg teaches drawing and painting at the Art Students League as well as workshops throughout the US and around the world.

For more info on Gregg, please visit his website.