One-Day Cellphone Photography Workshop with Howard Rose – April 28, 2018, 10 am – 2 pm

An Intensive Photography and Editing Apps Workshop

Bring your smartphone (iPhone 5, 6, 6+, 7, 7+ (or higher) or similar smartphone).
1 hour: Understanding your camera
1.5 hours: Outside photography at Elderfields or nearby
1.5 hours: Working with editing Apps
(Bring lunch or snack.)

Spend the day learning the essential elements of your iPhone. We will cover the four most important categories for creating superior photographs on your smartphone. This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to take better pictures and get to know their cellphone camera better!

  1. Understanding your camera. 15 of the most important tips for getting ready to use your camera: settings, using the three shutters, assuring clear focus, adjusting the exposure, organizing your photos into albums, HDR shooting, Auto-focus lock, back-lit situations and more.
  2. Deciding what to photograph. How to capture what you feel about the image you want to photograph. Is it exciting, mysterious, painterly, or inspirational – create a work of art! Convert it to black & white or vibrant color.
  3. Creating the best design in your camera. Looking for the focus, identifying the direction of light, finding the best angle and horizontal position. Best time of day to shoot. How to look for a variety of shapes and color, and many more ways of getting outside the box and wind up with professional looking photos.
  4. Photography and Editing Apps. We will review many of the most exciting photography editing apps that you will use to turn your photos into a continuing, memorable, body of work. You will never settle for a mediocre photographs again. Adjust the shadows, the mood, the exposure and finally understand how to replicate all of the adjustments that you might have once created in a darkroom. These apps are not just filters. Howard will show you more than 10 of the most sophisticated editing apps that are easy to use, understand and implement for all of your future photography.

You can register with your credit card via Paypal (below) or download the form and mail with your check to The Art Guild.


Cellphone Photography – April 28, 2018
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