Fundamentals of Drawing
with Greg Follender
8 weeks: March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 9, 23, 30, May 7 • 1:30 – 4:30pm

From the basic supplies to sophisticated shading techniques, this class is designed to give a beginning student all the integral tools they need to draw confidently. Learn how to sketch competently in a positive, encouraging environment that will give you the skills you’ve always wanted to bring your work to the next level.

Often new students find themselves uncomfortable or intimidated in a life drawing session by their lack of understanding in the rudimentary tenets of classical figure drawing. It is sometimes difficult to jump into such an endeavor without first understanding the core disciplines.

The course is designed to introduce all the basic tenets of successful drawing – rendering simple shapes, understanding light and shadow, creating volume and measuring proportions – building on each step exponentially before finally introducing the human figure to the proceedings.  Exercises that stress constraining value and tonal control will further refine the student’s basic knowledge until they can confidently produce solid imagery, whether it be drawing from life or their own imaginations.


Greg Follender is a New York based artist/Illustrator who has been teaching drawing and sculpting classes at the American Museum of Natural History for almost two decades.  His passionate pursuit of rendering the human form has taken him from the dynamic world of comic books and graphic novels, to character design and costume fabrication in the industry of film and television.
When he isn’t working on his oil paintings or comic pages, Greg teaches figure drawing and anatomy workshops at The Art Students League of New York City.
For more about Greg, visit his website:


Fundamentals of Drawing w/Follender Mar-Apr2018
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